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Using Thermal Imagery to Assess Foot Health

Thermal scans can help identify unusual temperature profiles, which can be indicative of foot health problems.

Podium Professional is now approved by the Royal College of Podiatry!

Recognised as a product that improves life and patient care, promoting the use of thermography for diabetic foot care and the prevention of foot ulcers.

Image showing Podium and Accreditation by RCOP
A doctor assessing the foot of a patient


Informing Treatment

The imagery obtained from the Podium System informs treatment plans and subsequent steps, such as the incorporation of orthotics. It provides additional evidence, facilitating a faster treatment pathway and ensuring optimal patient care.

Detecting Vascular Deficiencies

Conversely, areas exhibiting unusual coldness can indicate vascular deficiencies, such as peripheral arterial disease (PAD), micro and macro angiopathy. Identifying these deficiencies is vital for implementing appropriate treatments and managing vascular health effectively.

Identifying Inflammation and Infections

Increases in temperature can signify inflammation or infection resulting from pathologies such as diabetic foot ulcers, acute Charcot or musculoskeletal trauma.
Recognising these anomalies early enables timely intervention, preventing the progression of conditions and reducing complications.

Establishing a Baseline through Regular Scanning

The Podium System employs regular scanning to develop a baseline for foot health, leveraging advanced thermography technology.
This baseline is useful for monitoring changes and identifying abnormalities in foot temperature, which can be indicative of underlying health problems.

Monitoring Treatment Effectiveness

Continued scanning ensures that the treatment the patient receives is delivering the desired positive outcomes.

Preventing Reoccurrence

Patients in remission are highly susceptible to the recurrence of foot problems. Consistent monitoring with Podium, post-healing, serves as a warning system, triggering early-stage preventative interventions.


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