Whilst working in the field of wound healing, Dr Plassmann became aware of the complications caused by the pathology of Diabetes.

He was moved by the high numbers of amputations that occurred as a result of undetected ulceration and neuropathy. Especially, since he knew they could be avoided by something as simple routine foot examinations.  Thus, the concept of podium was born.

Concept Sketch Concept Sketch

The idea evolved into a technical solution with the aim of helping to identify potential foot ulcers before they were fully developed.  The early signs of ulceration include an inflamed area of the skin which is hotter than the surrounding tissue.  Podium can detect this ‘hot spot’ and take a photograph for comparison before forwarding to a healthcare professional for diagnosis.

Podium combines thermal imaging technology and sharing of information to help prevent one of the biggest complications arising from diabetes.

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Foot temperature monitoring can flag-up impending problems.

Prediction of ulcers is often claimed but likely to be very difficult & incomplete.

Monitoring must be done regularly, best daily.

Home self monitoring is required.

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