We believe that working with podiatrists over the long term is in both our interests. We are a leader in thermal technology and specialise in tools to help you do reliable fast thermal foot checks. So rather than sell equipment we would like to invite you join our partnership programme.


Our Podium professional partnership programme has the following elements:


The Thermetrix partnership is a formal agreement between Thermetrix and its partners, focussed around developing and improving thermal assessment for podiatrists’ patients, to improve foot health and diagnosis.  Thermetrix is a business founded upon research and thermal assessment that recognises the considerable potential that its technology and expertise can bring to the Podiatry sector.  Thermetrix aims to work in partnership with Podiatrists to develop improved diagnosis and treatment health plans based on data and analysis.


As part of the partnership Thermetrix will:


  • Continue to undertake research and secure research funding to develop the technology and thermal imaging analysis in conjunction with those in the partnership
  • Conduct  partnership review meetings  to review podiatrist needs for thermal assessment and develop the technology to meet these needs.  Focus will be upon understanding the required frequency of assessment for improved foot health diagnosis and monitoring
  • Supply a Podium unit at least every 2 years and provide a repair and maintenance system with  software updates
  • Store the thermal data for individual patients securely and undertake data analysis to provide reports to the Podiatrist
  • Secure regulatory approval for the Podium and successive thermal assessment units.
  • Develop appropriate home use thermal foot monitoring technology for Podiatrists to offer to their patients and in particular for those with diabetic foot complications
  • Provide ad hoc CPD and training in thermal assessment

Podiatrists will benefit from the partnership by:


  • Securing technology support with Thermetrix as a technology partner to identify and offer
    • thermal expertise
    • new uses (detection, assessment, diagnosis, prediction of ulcers and related conditions)
    • new products such as foot care plans for different groups
  • Sharing knowledge and best practice through partnership review meetings
  • Having access to CPD / training in thermal excellence
  • The opportunity to be part of a research programme
  • Having a Podium unit with the associated maintenance support (upgrades, training etc).
  • Having an analysis & reporting service – customer scans and questionnaires, thermal profiling.
  • Generating more new patients through thermal assessment and analysis, through product development and marketing offering a higher margin service

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