Join the Podium Preview Programme

Step 1: Join Podium Preview Programme

90 days FREE try-out

Our Obligations:

  • Provide a Podium
  • Setup & training
  • Supply info materials for patients

Your Obligations:

  • Complete questionnaire
  • Promote Podium
  • Provide weekly feedback

Step 2: Ready to sign up

£299 sign up fee, covering:

  • Marketing material
  • Admin charges
  • Setup
  • Initial training

Pay-per-Scan Subscription Options:

  Monthly Fee No. of inclusive
Excess scan fee
Plan A £80 10 £7
Plan B £140 20 £6
Plan C £180 30 £5
Super User Unlimited scans: on request
  • Plans A, B and C are subject to 1 year minimum term.
  • Excess scans will be charged quarterly in arrears.
  • Plan change recommendations will be made to ensure you are utilising most appropriate plan.
  • Plans can be upgraded quarterly (at time of invoice) throughout the duration of the contract.
  • Cloud storage subject to our fair use policy.

Annual Support Contract

  • £249: Annual maintenance & warranty, continued customer facing advertising material, free upgrades.

I consent to Podium collecting my name and contact information.

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