Developed to help save lives.

Podium was created in response to the growing number of amputations and subsequent deaths caused by diabetic foot complications.

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Measuring foot temperature has never been so simple...

with Podium Professional. Elevated foot temperature is associated with inflammation due to injury or other causes that can lead to ulcer and other developments. Reduced foot temperature (cold areas) is associated with poor blood flow.

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Thermetrix the innovative company behind Podium...

...has a history of podiatric thermography and is investing in new technologies to make foot temperature assessments simple, easy and an every day proposition.

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Giving podiatrists a cost effect tool to improve foot health

Podium foot scans give the podiatrist a simple accessible and cost-effective tool to improve foot health understanding, drive additional and new patient visits and provide a valuable partnership with Thermetrix.

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Partner with us!

Our mission is to improve the rates of self-care and detection of foot health complications in people with diabetes and others who wish to improve their foot care. We are investing in thermal technologies and our Podium professional partnership programme.

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How can Podium professional help your business?

Whether it’s directing new patients to you, showing your investment in cutting edge technology or a welcome increase in turnover coupled with increased Patient support - we will support your aims.

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Podium device

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