The early signs of ulceration include an inflamed area of the skin which is hotter than the surrounding tissue. Podium can detect this 'hot spot' and capture thermal images for assessment. 


Multiple images from the same patient can be reviewed in series.

These images can also be reviewed remotely by other members of your multidisciplinary team.

If a referral to another specialty is warranted, an invitation to view the images securely can also be sent.





"Podium is very easy to fit into current treatments. I love the machine the ease of use and the portal"

Podiatrist and member of Podium Professional Programme



How will Podium benefit for healthcare professionals?


- Provides a quick, objective measure of foot temperature

- Record other assessments, history or examination findings for each patient

- Remotely view images and other patient assessments 

- Quickly review images and assessments from previous consultations 

- Both white light and thermal images provide useful visual aids when explaining areas of concern to your patients


National diabetes foot care audit v.3 (2015-2018) recommendations emphasise early referral is key 

- The ability to detect thermal changes early could improve referral times, or avoid the need for referral altogether by highlighting areas of concern where preventative measures can be taken.



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