Our Vision:

To be the global leader in the provision of foot health temperature solutions.

Our Mission:

Harnessing the latest science and proven technology, we develop innovative products which empower individuals with diabetes to manage their day-to-day foot care - simply and effectively. By providing individuals, family members, carers and healthcare professionals with tools to assist them in their daily assessment of their feet our products help to minimise the occurrences of diabetic foot complications and ultimately amputations.

Device Mockup

The Podium:

Our first product is the Podium diabetic foot care monitor. The Podium gives diabetics a daily image and thermal pattern of the soles of their feet to help prevent potential foot ulcers & future complications.

Podium offers individuals a quick and easy way to inspect the undersoles of their feet on a daily basis. This helps diabetics to manage their condition and include an often neglected area of their diabetes care regime – diabetic feet!


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