Podium offers podiatrists a client dashboard displaying the latest patient results & alerts. With a Podium in the Podiatry clinic you can take a foot scan of your patients as part of the podiatry service. From the Podium App individuals can search for local podiatrists and request appointments.

Portal Diagram Portal Diagram

The Podium Software Portal allows you to accept a pairing request from any patients in your location.
Once paired with a patient, you can view their scan results, text chat with them and arrange a suitable appointment time for them to visit your clinic.

Portal Diagram Portal Diagram Portal Diagram

The Podium portal helps Podiatrists to quickly search & filter the information to prioritise & spot any trends in results.  Podium also allows you to track treatment monitoring requests, for example, you may want to track if your patient has remembered to wear their insoles each day.

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