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IR image showing area od impending ulcer

Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Impending Ulcers

Recurring Ulcers

The Podium thermal scan image shows the asymmetrical temperature distribution between the left and the right foot caused by a hot spot. At the same time the temperature gradient between the medial arch and the foot periphery towards the toes is inverted. For more information refer to van Netten, J.J., van Baal, J.G., et al.

Vascular Insufficiency

Watch this YouTube video where Vascular Surgeon Dr. Thomas Reifsnyder discusses symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of severe peripheral arterial disease (PAD). The video provides insight on how to avoid limb amputations, including leg and foot removal.

The Podium thermal scan image shows the strong asymmetry between the left and the right plantar foot caused by a insufficient perfusion of the right foot. For more information refer to aan de Stegge, W.B., Mejaiti, N., et al.

Podium IR scan showing cold right foot due to vascular insufficiency
IR image showing suspected micro-angiopathy


The Podium thermal scan and histogram show typical characteristics of suspected micro-angiopathy.


The underlying concept behind this region-based approach to temperature assessment is explained in a paper by Peregrina-Baretto H. et al.

Podium IR scan and histogram of suspected neuropathy


Case Study Examples

IR image showing area of fracturured toe bone



Podium IR scan showing Chillbains
IR image showing suspected Raynauds

Raynauds Syndrome


Podium IR scan showing gout attack in left foot


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