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Thermetrix© is a private equity backed UK company deploying its expertise in thermal imaging to help manage health conditions with innovative preventative care technology.


Initially a subsea systems scientist, then a subsea systems manufacturer, Doug has worked for decades promoting and supporting emerging companies and technologies. He is a founding Director of IMSPEX Diagnostics Ltd, an R&D intensive instrument maker winning large investment and R&D funds, which recently received a multi-million pound investment from a Chinese manufacturer. Ex-Chair of GeoVS Ltd; negotiated a 7-figure exit to SRT plc.

Co-CEO & Founder

Dr Plassmann worked for the WDA’s Eurolink Department as a consultant between 1990 and 1993 and as a Research Officer at the Wound Healing Research Unit, University of Wales College of Medicine between 1993 and 1994. At the University of South Wales where he was a Reader in Computing at the Faculty of Computing and Mathematical Sciences he became involved in thermal imaging projects. He is a co-founder of Photometrix Imaging Ltd and was instrumental in a £1.2 million, 3 year NIHR funded project into diabetic foot ulceration headed by the National Physical Laboratory in collaboration with 3 UK hospitals under the clinical lead of King's College, London. Peter launched Thermetrix Limited in 2018 to bring the Podium to market and help improve the lives of millions of diabetes patients. 

Co-CEO & Product Development Director

Following the completion of his PhD in Artificial Intelligence, Russell has acquired 15 years experience in starting, growing and running consultancy businesses. During this time, Russell has developed an aptitude for the design and development of hardware and software products. Data collection systems, cloud-based portals and software applications are within Russell’s area of expertise. As director of operations and product development in a previous organisation, Russell’s systems and products were instrumental in the sale of the business to one of the UK’s largest energy suppliers.

Business Development Manager

Chris specialises in strategic business development, marketing and sales backed up with a wide range of operational healthcare experience. Chris has a background in healthcare across global markets, in multinational corporations including Johnson & Johnson. He is passionate about delivering value for customers and improved outcomes for patients and their families.

Software Development

After his PhD in Neurosciences from UCL Dr Jones joined the University of South Wales' Faculty of Computing and Mathematical Sciences as a Research Fellow in 2003. He is now a Senior Lecturer and developed the 3D computer vision algorithms and image processing libraries, which provide the technological core of the business. Co-founder of Photometrix Imaging Ltd.

Software Engineer

Ben received his Ph.D from the University of South Wales in 2018, where he worked on a method for the early detection of foot ulceration in diabetic patients. With 8 years of experience in software development, he creates key software for our embedded devices and image analysis engines.

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