Diabetes Facts

Diabetes Facts and Figures:

Diabetic foot ulceration (DFU) is a serious and frequent consequence of diabetes. If detected too late, it can lead to serious infection and even amputation of affected areas. Sobering statistics about DFU are (2010/11 UK figures):


annual NHS expenditure on diabetic foot ulcers and amputation


of hospital admissions with at least 1 overnight stay were for diabetic foot problems


of people who have major amputation die within 2 years, average life expectancy is 5 years.

Mortality rates after diabetic foot ulceration and subsequent amputation are high. Up to 70% of people die within 5 years of having an amputation and around 50% die within 5 years of first developing a foot ulcer!


of all amputations worldwide related to Diabetic ulceration

> 10%

more than10% of the NHS budget is spent on Diabetic related issues


of foot ulcers are preventable!

Every 6 seconds 1 person dies from diabetes. Over 5 million deaths in 2015!

$673 billion, 12% of global health expenditure is spent on diabetes

3 out of 4 people with diabetes live in low to middle income countries

Deaths from Diabetic foot ulcers and Diabetic related amputation equal or exceed deaths from prostate cancer, breast cancer, and Hodgkin lymphoma combined.


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